A Thousand Rooms

A Thousand Rooms is an experimental documentary and installation. The experience explores the subconscious through visualizing psychological phenomena like dreams, belief, and spirituality. Recorded interviews ranging from lucid dreamers to near-death survivors provide a woven aural tapestry for imagery that maps out impossible spaces. As if witnessed by sonar, the unseen is revealed; dark landscapes, ephemeral mansions and the commonality of human experience.

A Thousand Rooms premiered at CURRENTS New Media Arts Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Directed by Brian Bowman & Greg Walters 

Recorded Interviews: 
Christopher Barros
Kate Barry
Hannah Boman
James Crothers
Jeremy Hurewitz
Caroline Kallback
Fionna Mariani
Hope Martinez
Zac Meyer
Austin Purnell
Nicole Wills 

Greg Walters

Brian Bowman
Fionna Mariani
Kit Lam 

Audio Mix:
Bang Music