AICP Awards 2015

The 2015 Show Open for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) pulls no punches. The gritty piece screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


The animation’s aesthetic is simple, evoking chalk on a blackboard. An invisible hand scratches white lines across the frame, illustrating the creative struggle in a sometimes frustrating search for an idea. Sharp angles and jagged edges appear with increasing frenetic energy, until the picture is full of the artist’s attempts at a breakthrough. We see the AICP logo among the lines as the narrator delivers his parting shot: “The one who wins is the one who wants it the most".

I built an animation stand.  Fionna and I created the artwork and then photographed it.



Production: Trollbäck + Company
Chief Creative Officer: Jakob Trollbäck
Creative Director: Brian Bowman

Animators: Brian Bowman, Fionna Mariani
Graphic Designer: Mitch Monson

Composer and Sound Design: Q Department