AICP Awards 2017

The titles I designed and animated along with the Trollbäck team for the 2017 AICP Awards celebrates the organization’s first rebrand in 45 years. A world of abstractions tells a visual story about the creative process of building a brand identity, culminating in the new brand mark designed by Collins. We created motion content for screens throughout the MoMA, and the new work joins our previous projects for AICP in the museum’s Department of Film archives.


I referenced a lot of architecture favorites like projects by the late John Hejduk and some classic 90’s drawings by Neil Dinari. The graphic, allegorical and structural look of their work helped inform how the identity became constructed for the audience.


Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Head of Production: Suzie Cimato
Executive Producer: Erica Schrager

3D Animation: Fionna Mariani, Ryan Paterson, Brian Bowman
2D Animation: Brendan Rouche, Darius Safani