Tiny Victories "Drinking With Your Ghost"

The music video for Tiny Victories 'Drinking With Your Ghost' uses a combination of photography, animation and live projection to create a stark world of witches, ravens and ephemeral apparitions.

Official Selection: 2014 Bornshorts Film Festival, 2014 Starz Denver Film Festival



Production Company: Icarus Pictures
Record Label: The Sleepover Party

Director: Brian Levi Bowman

Greg Walters
Cason Kelly
Lana Winter
Lauren Buxton
Sara Perez

Producer: Brian Bowman
Production Assistant: Ellena Phillips
Makeup Arist: Sybil Secor

Post Production: Spontaneous
CG Animators: Brian Bowman, Tim Francisco, Lawrence Nimrichter
Animator: James Crothers
Editor: Brian Bowman