GE Challenge

On November 16, 2010, General Electric gifted $550,000 to 10 recipients who created and engineered innovative renewable energy technologies.  The awards (five $100,000 and five $10,000 gifts) plus recognition by the GE brand were intended to generate venture capital interest as well as provide seed funds to get these ideas off the ground.

Nice Shoes was commissioned by Johannes Leonardo to create the award show content that premiered at a live awards event and were later uploaded to a microsite.  Since the project itself is about optimizing the energy grid, the creative was also a representational grid of scientists and researchers sharing their ideas.  Since only ten scientists received awards and our grid housed around 81 people, we had to find a ton of actors.  Because our winners were located all over the world from San Francisco to Israel, capturing the creative performances on webcam was a given, and hence we also had to place our 81 actors in different environments to make the grid convincing.


No film or stage was used, just a laptop with a built-in webcam and Skype.  We shot footage all over the Nice Shoes facilities including the machine room and the roof.



Production: Nice Shoes
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Client: General Electric

Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Producer: Peter Stanik
Editors: Dana Bol, Nathan Scholtens, Michael Cerullo, Ian Ogden
Compositors: Lu Liuson, Gerald Mark Soto
Production Assistants: Zack Sweeney, Josh Upton, Rachel Kichler, Ariella Amrami
Live Action Director: Brian Bowman