WIP 2 / by Brian Bowman


Derek shared some great stuff for the Hinterlands section. We might use the Violet Sands track 'Shelter' as a closer for the piece. Vocals on that is Derek's bandmate (and sister) Deidre Muro. 

Betsy has a demo with a rad chorus for the entrance into New Hope.  


I like my frames from last week... but, when I started to expand all of that into a world, it all just felt oh-so-CG. I did some digging and found these. These are 'ghost in the stereoscope' images from the 1800s. I love them. It reminded me to take more of a diorama approach, a constructed space, rather than some kind of video game world (both are cool, but an intimate diorama is more appropriate here). So I'm working towards this, more soon! 


Betsy reminded me of this older film I made, where I constructed physical models and composited in CG character silhouettes. This is closer to what I'm going for.