Structure & Collaborators / by Brian Bowman


1.  Topography (BB)
2. The Traveler

The Town of New Hope

3. Entrance (BJ?)
4. Mad Boris (GW)
5. Bar Charlatan (NM)
6. White Church (BJ?)

Cult by the River

7. Leviathan Father (JH)
8. River Baptism


9. Gas Station Soothsayer
10. Elk in the Night (DM?)
11. Devil at the Crossroads
12. Hullucination (DM?)
13. The Ship 

The Needle

13. Tower Ascension
14. Sun Setting

Music (alphabetical order)

Betsy Jones
Brian Bowman
Derek Muro
Greg Walters
Jeremy Hurewitz
Nick MacDonald



Brian Bowman