Kanye West "Cruel Summer"

For the launch of Kanye West's Cruel Summer, a compilation album featuring artists from his GOOD Music roster, he conceived of a seven screen film companion piece.  Premiering at Cannes, the film utilized seven cameras to capture forward, peripheral and top/bottom views of each scene.  

As creative director for the post production studio Nice Shoes, I developed a seven screen previsualization system that allowed for synchronization of all seven cameras in a realtime editorial environment.  This previz environment, allowed us to pivot quickly on editorial, visual effects and motion design.  Running two shifts 24 hours-a-day, I was proud to be in the trenches with our team while creating this groundbreaking film.



Director: Kanye West

Post Production by Nice Shoes

Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Managing Director: Kristen Martini
Chief Technical Officer: Robert Keske

Senior Producer: Jen Cadic
Post Production Supervisor: Cary Flaum
Assistant Editor: Tony Dolezal
Technical Director: Phil Wortas

Production Manager: Ed Rilli
Lead Colorist: Ron Sudul
Colorist: Lenny Mastrandrea
Data Wranglers: Tom Tomlinson, Glenn Weidlich
Color Assistants: Donato Boccia, Meng Ting Hsiao, Matt Hubert
Lead Flame Artist: Rich Schreck
Flame Artists: Jason Farber, Vincent Roma, Kevan Lee
Flame Assistant: Jason G. Farber
CG Supervisor: Boaz Livny