Lifecycle was made for my F5 presentation (NYC, 4/16/2009).

Lifecycle is conceptually focused on utopian ideology particularly in relation to architectural practice. My argument is that utopia finds itself in a constant state of failure and reinvention; urban futurism vs Epcot, housing tower vs Cabrini Green, etc. Hence, the cycle of utopian ideology is the application of ideology, the failure of application, re-assimilation of failure, and thus a revision of original ideology. The result of this ideological loop are the speculations for new kinds of conceptual hybrids.

Two hybrids I speculated on (through a film) follow a narrative of birth and death.  They are a fertility spa where reproductive technology becomes an aesthetic experience and a vertical tomb where the graveyard becomes a tower and an anonymous beacon to the city. 



Director: Brian Bowman
Production: Brian Bowman and Digital Kitchen

Cinematography: Rod Lamborn

Music & Sound Design: DOSC

Editor: Brian Bowman
Visual Effects: Brian Bowman
Sasha Wyroba
Abbe Daniel
Christos Mountzouros

Spa Model: Iveta Vitola
Spa Masseuse: Catherine Gray
Spa Assistant: Murphy Paul
Tower Gentleman: Ken Forte
Tower Subject: Murphy Paul
Una Voice: Mac OS X Alex
Spa Voice: Rachel Kichler
Tower Voice: Kayla Bowman

Live Action Crew:
Agency: Rona Represents
Gaffer: Demetri Fordham
Grip: Sean Hutcheon
2nd Grip: Mike Brant
Hair: F. Wayne Wheat
Manicurist: Mo at Priti Salon NYC
Makeup: Yuko Mizuno
Media Manager: Paul VandeWater
Set Stylist: Nesto Sutton
Studio: Briese / 401 Studio
Stylist: Donald Lawrence

Post Production:
Digital Kitchen
End Title Design: Kenji Yamashita
Compositor: Kiffer Keegan
Designer: Ben Grube
Modeler: Robert Rachfuss

Special Thank-you:
Digital Kitchen