Meridian was a 2009 selection for South by Southwest.

Meridian uses time lapse footage coupled with a live action environment to describe the material connection between the ethereal universe and human perception. Featuring the track "The Daydream" by the ambient musician Tycho, star-scapes intersect a city and a female protagonist in the process of discovery within the context of ordinary life.



Directors: Brian Bowman and Rod Lamborn
Production: Brian Bowman and Rod Lamborn

Featuring: Bali
Music: Tycho

Cinematography: Rod Lamborn
Editor: Brian Bowman
Visual Effects: Brian Bowman
Live Action Crew:
Additional Camera: Patrick Andersson
First Assistant Camera: Jim Hair
Camera Technician: Colin Travers
Production Design: Laurie Krupp
Stylist: Andrea Perini
Makeup: Nick Rolon
Gaffer: Justin Ellian
Swing: Mike Montoni

Post Production:
Digital Kitchen
Assistant Editor: Colin Travers
Title Design: Cameron Pierron

Clothing by Arj'an K @ b-boutique

Special Thanks:
Rivington Hotel
Elisa Chacon
Jon Moe
Doug Hermance

Extra Special Thanks:
Digital Kitchen