Quaker Oats "Go Humans Go"

When Goodby launched their new campaign for Quaker Oats, they contacted Digital Kitchen to create the content for Times Square (both Nasdaq and Reuters screens).  The concept?  Create the tagline "Go Humans Go" out of humans.  

Figuring out the letterforms, timing and compositing was a challenge but fun.  We found the tallest stage in Chicago and calculated the widest lens we could use to capture one letter at a time with as many people as possible. 



Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Client: Quaker Oats

Production: Digital Kitchen

Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Director: Brian Bowman
Director of Photography: Rod Lamborn 
Editor: Sam Goetz
Compositor: Dan DiGloria
Executive Producer: Dave Skaff

Producers: Brian Behling, Michael Hogan