The Second Buddha: Master of Time is a year-long  exhibit exploring the philosophies of Tibetan master Padmasambhava and his teachings that time is not absolute. The Rubin Museum asked us to create an animated piece distilling that message in a simple, organic style.

The resulting three-minute film uses abstract linework and moving illustrations of folding paper, clocks, temporal funnels, cocoons, and unraveling strands of time to explain and visually explore the museum’s complex message.

Frequent audio collaborators YouTooCanWoo composed the music along with the vocal talents of Betsy Jones, Deidre Muro, and Elliot Chaffer.

Below is the pitch video I used to display a hand-drawn feel through scripted shaders and particles.

Production: Trollbäck + Company

Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Producer: Shannon Moore

Animators: Brian Bowman, Fionna Mariani

Music Composition and Sound Design: YouTooCanWoo
Vocal Talent: Betsy Jones, Deidre Muro, Elliot Chaffer