The New School

Trollbäck's collaboration with The New School in NYC is a visualization of their "Design Inspired Process". The film premiered at the unveiling of the excellent new branding by Pentagram.


We were asked to express the new vision with the notion of 'Tabula Rasa' - the blank slate that is waiting to be filled with sensory experiences. Innovative visual techniques illuminate the core elements of the multi-disciplinary curriculum and the perpetual innovation the school has undergone since its founding in 1919. The film resides on the New School's rebranded website.



Production: Trollbäck + Company
Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Head of Production: Erica Schrager
Producer: Sue Yee Hubbard

Animators: Brian Bowman, Fionna Mariani, Animesh Dwivedi, Seon Crawford